The Manila Times College (TMTC) is committed to produce competent, dedicated, and morally and socially responsible students for meaningful participation in a growing global community.


TMTC will endeavor to create a culture of excellence, competence, innovation, and responsiveness in the pursuit of its fundamental functions of instruction, research, extension, and productivity.

In its vision to become an educational center of excellence, it anchors itself to the virtues of leadership and community service. It seeks to serve as a catalyst for the students’ holistic personal transformation that fosters true devotion to learning, ethical living and authentic service to the nation and the world.


Excellence and Competence – We commit ourselves to be the best that we can be and do by continuously enhancing our skills and developing competence towards work among our people for the glorification of the Divine Providence.

Leadership and Innovation – We are a dynamic, constructivist workforce, constantly challenging the status quo, and ever willing to lead and face risks and confront uncertainties.

Responsiveness – We commit ourselves to be responsive to a given situation, offering efficient and effective intervention to varying needs of our clientele, and sensible to the changing times and circumstances.

Ethical Living – We pledge to always serve and live with honor and integrity.

Authentic Service – We endeavor to make all transactions, deals, and records on any activity transparent and known to all people concerned. Teamwork is our buzzword in delivering our service to community.

Community Service – We instill the spirit of volunteerism and service to the community, and enjoin our faculty, staff and students to participate in these endeavors


TO share the distinctive legacy of The Manila Times with a new generation of journalists and communication practitioners who will serve as vanguards of truth, justice, and freedom;

TO preserve and nurture the core values of Philippine culture, the Filipino identity, and human community as transmitted and developed through the communication arts, sciences, and professions; and,

TO inspire and enlighten – through quality education, training, and research – the minds and hearts of people, especially the young, and move them to take decisive and purposive action on critical issues.


As early as the first term of college education, TMTC students get to cover news events, talk to news personalities, and publish articles in a national-circulation newspaper. They get their bylines even while they are still studying. They are trained by veterans in the field and in the newsroom.


Owing to TMTC’s affiliation with The Manila Times, our students get training with high profile industry partners during their internship, which leads to numerous employment opportunities. TMTC graduates get employed in major media networks and other companies within two months of graduation. (list of alumni and where they are)