The Manila Times College of Subic prides itself in offering innovative and relevant learning programs. The programs continuously undergo study and refinements to make them responsive to the needs of our students.

Strong Curricular and Co – curricular

Offerings Complies with the K-12 DepEd Curriculum and benchmarks on international standards such as the Common Core of the United States of America and the National Curriculum of UK.

Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship and emphasis on research skills as early as Lower School.

Blended instruction with e-learning technologies for independent learning Ideal student-teacher ratio Strong and non-traditional sports and cultural programs integrated in the curriculum.

Use of students’ portfolio that exhibits the learners’ efforts, progress and achievements Foreign language offering (Mandarin) through a partner institution Modified Filipino subject instruction to non-Filipino speaking students Interest clubs that further develop students’ talents and potentials

Special Programs and Activities

Off-campus team building and leadership workshop

Monthly banking day that strengthens students’ values and financial literacy “Entrepreneur of the Day” program wherein each student gets a chance to create, promote, price, and sell his/her product on a specific day Christmas Bazaar that intends not only to strengthen students’ entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy but also to develop their generosity when they donate their profit to the charity.

Music play and recital that showcase the students’ musical prowess and gives every student the opportunity to perform other talents as well.

Sports Fest that develop the cooperation and team spirit among students A Sports Culminating Day that showcases the skills mastered by students in their chosen sports program

Partnership with recognized institutions

The Manila Times College prides itself with partnering with JJALL Robotics for the curriculum embedded robotics class. The students learn about engineering and programming with the use of machines and automation. 

The school is also in partneship with Ateneo Confucious Institute for the Mandarin course of the students.