Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) (Government Recognized)                           

A four-year program duly recognized by the Commission on Higher Education. The BSN Program was the first program to be offered in the school and recognized thereafter. The TMTCS BSN program is consistent to the goal of developing a professional nurse who is able to assume entry level positions in health facilities and community settings. It is consist of new general education and professional course threaded through from first year to fourth year with emphasis on the nursing concepts with corresponding related learning experiences and intensive nursing practicum to refine further nursing competencies.

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (BS MLS) (Government Recognized)

The TMTCS BSMLS (also known as Medical Technology) program is a four-year CHED-recognized program consists of general education, professional courses and a one-year internship program in a CHED-accredited training laboratory to produce a competent medical technologist/medical laboratory scientists. The internship program provides rotational duties in different sections such as clinical chemistry, hematology, microbiology, immunohematology (blood banking), immunology and serology, urinalysis and other body fluids (clinical microscopy, parasitology, histopathologic/cytologic techniques and other emergent technologies.

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (BS PT) (Level I Government Permit, Level II on-process)

The TMTCS BS Physical Therapy program is a four-year program consist of general education, professional courses and internship program. The TMTCS BS Physical Therapy program aims to produce physical therapists who are competent to fulfill responsibilities inherent to the practice of Physical therapy not just in the Philippines but also abroad.

Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology (BS RT, Radtech) (Level I Government Permit, Level II on-process)

The TMTCS BS RT program is a four-year program which like all TMTCS Medical-allied program follows the outcomes-based education. The BS RT program is consists of didactic component taught at the classroom for the first three years with the last year as the clinical education component undertaken in the affiliated training hospital. The TMTCS-BS RT program envisions to produce a graduate with the necessary knowledge to perform patient care and management on the highest standard with competence, effectiveness and efficiency and the operation of specialized equipment in a competent and safe manner.

Bachelor or Science in Entrepreneurship    

Is a 4 year program that prepares students for new venture planning, entrepreneurial start-up, social media marketing, and entrepreneurial finance. The program teaches students how to build a successful entrepreneurial venture from the ground up including analysis of an entrepreneurial mind set, market assessment, how to write a business plan, and innovative social media marketing strategies. This program is designed to allow students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship.

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BA Journalism

The school has a strong tradition of training journalists the fundamentals that will help them succeed in any career, whether print, broadcast or online. Aside gather information, critically analyze it, and communicate it effectively, accurately, and ethically.

We are one of the few programs to require every student to take courses in ethics, public affairs reporting, and media publication to apply skills in the real world. Students also are trained in the latest technology they need to succeed in an ever-changing digital media environment.

Take a look at our rich history, as well as the dynamic programs building for the future. Journalism lives. Journalism is here to stay.

BA Broadcasting

Students will develop the technical skills and theoretical understanding to produce professional, engaging audio and video content for a variety of audiences.

Students will be given the advantage of having state-of-the art video production facilities and an online radio station, while learning to write and produce commercials, news, documentaries, podcasts, advertising, corporate video and reality television.