1. You must be a senior high school graduate. (Submit a certified copy of your diploma and transcript of records.)

2. You must have good health. (Submit a medical certificate from any of the following hospitals: The Manila Times College Subic, Asian, Cardinal Santos, Chinese General, FEU-NRMF, Makati Medical, Manila Doctors, Medical Center Manila, Medical City, Ospital ng Maynila, Philippine General Hospital, San Juan de Dios, St. Luke’s, UERMM, UST.)

3. Your English proficiency must be above average. (Submit a two-page essay on the topic: “Why I Want To Be a Journalist.”)

4. You must be willing to spend a lot of time and energy to keep the public informed about the truth. (Submit a letter of recommendation from one of your teachers or from your pastor or priest, attesting to your good moral character.)

5. Your parents or guardians must know about your ambition to be a journalist. (If you are not yet 18 years old, your parents or guardians will have to sign a waiver allowing the school to assign you to different places in Metro Manila to gather news. The school will exert every effort, of course, to keep you safe while you are doing on-the-job training.)



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