TMTC’s dual-degree program is a second course that can be taken by students majoring in fields of study other than journalism. After completing your undergraduate course, you can earn a second diploma by studying Journalism or Broadcasting at TMTC.

Under the program, subjects in general education that are common to the original field of study and Journalism or Broadcasting will be credited to the second bachelor’s degree. Therefore, it will take only three to four trimesters to earn a diploma in Journalism or Broadcasting.

At TMTC, we provide hands on training from Day One. Our students are immersed in journalism work from the classroom to the newsroom.

Advantages of having a second degree

If you are still in college, getting a second bachelor’s degree can be an important step in retooling your career or deepening your knowledge about Journalism or Broadcasting. By pursuing a second degree, you will learn new skills and keep you updated on current trends within your field. Having a second degree will make you more employable. Having two bachelor’s degrees will help employers understand that you have a range of skills. A second degree can also be helpful if you are considering getting a master’s degree. It can help raise your GWA, take the pre-requisite courses, and learn information that will help you succeed in your graduate program.