The TMTCS School of Medicine endeavors to making health possible for all, recognizing the importance of valuable communication, compassionate care and insightful creativity for marginalized communities through team collaboration, peer- mentoring and innovative technologies.

We are offering future physicians a nurturing community of visionary administrators, committed academicians and task-focused staff. We highlight life-long learnings  as we embark in making our patients healthy and well in their daily lives, not only in the clinical setting.

Medicine is a life of service and sacrifice with its share of rewards and challenges but a truly fulfilling one. Making a difference in people’s lives is what matters. I am exceptionally blessed to be part of that journey and let us take that journey together.



Best wishes,
Rosalinda Elena B. Milla, MD, MHCA
Founding Dean


The Manila Times College, School of Medicine has been granted permit to offer the Medicine Program to aspiring medical students starting August 2021.

The College has been producing leaders in the medical field since it first offered BS Nursing back 2008. As the School of Nursing gained popularity, The Manila Times College further enhanced their programs by adding Medical Laboratory Science to its offered programs. Both programs have been garnering high passing rates in the National Board Exams, with BS Nursing getting 100% passing rates four (4) times. 

Now, the College has already expanded to offering other medical programs such as BS Physical Therapy and BS Radiologic Technology. 

It was with a vision to become the best school to provide quality health care providers that pushed the administration of the college to open the School of Medicine.